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Mobile Phone Companies Plundering People with Both Hands; 

20 Augustus 2011 04:15:08 nm

Mobile Phone Companies Plundering People with Both Hands;


People Misuse Technology, Companies Take Advantage by Overcharging


Since the time various gadgets have been introduced in the market, they had made the lives of people easier and more comfortable in the form of ease in contacting whosoever one wants to talk to.


Mobile phone is a very handy invention which not only facilitates the elite class of society but is also equally benefiting the middle and the lower classes in daily life.


“The usage of cell phone is a bit expensive no doubt but it has now become the basic necessity of life without which people cannot afford to live. However, the mobile phone companies have increased the call rates as well as deduction of credit as customers load cards or share balance through easy-load and smart share etc,” Nouman Shakir, a student of BBA said while talking to INFN.


Kashif Mansoor said that he uses mobile phone very often because he deals in selling different products so that he had to talk to people and also convince them through calls as he cannot reach every single customer in person.


He complained that call charges were quite reasonable few years back but now they have gone up manifolds owing to inflation. But he further said that he used to spend Rs 1000 per month on mobile phones but now it has been almost doubled due to the higher charges widespread all over the country.


“In the near past when we used to load a card, it used to deduct Rs 7 but today it has almost doubled which is nearly Rs 16 every time we load a card of Rs 100 or get it loaded through easy-load,” Muhammad Adnan said while talking to INFN.


Neelum Zohra complained that with every passing day these prices go higher and higher without caring for the common people who hardly try to use it for their important needs.


The rich people don’t have any problem in using the cell phone on increased charges.


People are complaining of possible increase in these already higher rates further to make it out of the reach of ordinary people in order to snatch this necessity of life even in this age of information technology. On the other hand the masses are also calling upon the concerned authorities to carve out a solution of this pestering problem by keeping the prices constant for quite sometime which would bring relief for the already distressed people.