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Indian media portrays Hina’s stylish clothing, jewelry forgetting substance 

28 Julie 2011 09:09:05

Indian media portrays Hina’s stylish clothing, jewelry forgetting substance

Instead of focusing on four substantive achievements Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Hina Rabbai Khar had in her meeting with her counterpart Mr S M Krishna, Indian media largely portrayed her beauty, style, clothes, jewelry, watch and hand bang.

The long awaited agreement Hina reached with Mr Krishna included: People will be allowed to engage in trade across borders for four days, instead of the existing two days; India and Pakistan will facilitate easier border crossing for Kashmiris on both sides; People will be allowed to visit Kashmir for tourism and religious pilgrimages, as opposed to the current policy, which only allows those with relatives to enter the region and both countries committed to issue travel permits in 45 days or fewer, less than half as long as it takes now.

Though some serious commentators did mention of her soft-spoken way of handling diplomatic issues while dealing with senior people, mostly of the age of her father including Mr Krisha, but largely Indian media, particularly television channels presented her as beauty super star. One of Indian television channel in flash news programme started with a song: “Mein hon hush rang hina” (I am pretty colourful Hena) and continued to talk about costs and styles of Hina’s dress, watch, jewelry and goggles by showing video clips.

Amina Elahi from the Divanee.com writes: “As she stepped off the plane, the Indians stared in awe. She was beautiful! Her hair glinted in the sun, from which she shaded her luminous eyes with oversized sunglasses. Her purse, an elusive Birkin, took the spectators by storm, leading them to speculate and criticize her choice of dress. For a moment, the national press paused, mesmerized by the image before them. It wasn’t a celebrity–Angelina Jolie must have been busy–but Pakistan’s new Foreign Minister, the 34-year-old Hina Rabbani Khar, who took office just last week.”

“It’s unfortunate that the Indian media focused more on her style than her substance, is it wrong of us to be relieved that at least they had good things to say? Regardless, here’s hoping that next time Khar makes headlines for breakthrough peace talks in addition to her stunning accessories,” said Amina.