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An exhibition of Road Show titled ‘Spaces’ by PIID 

23 Julie 2011 02:47:05

An exhibition of Road Show titled ‘Spaces’ by PIID

A road show titled ‘spaces’, organized by the Pakistan Institute of Interior Designers, was held here on Friday at the Pakistan National Council of the Art (PNCA) Islamabad.


Pakistan’s Interior Architecture and Design community flocked to PNCA for the opening of a PIID event. Interior Designers event was hosted by PIID and was a moving road-show exhibition where the works of PIID members, furniture designers and interior professionals were showcased amidst other exciting trade-specific attractions, such as seminars, profession-specific discussions, and industry networking.


This exhibition was meant not only to acknowledge and reward the efforts of hard-working Interior professionals which are the masterminds behind the built spaces that we experience in our day to day lives but also to reinstate the public’s trust and attention to the importance of the quality of our built environment.


Mr. Usman S. Khan, the General Secretary of PIID, commented, “PIID has made a long journey and has much to offer to its Interior Design practitioners. Now as newly elected Office bearers, the duty is upon us to make all the difference we can during our tenure which we perceive as a test. So what’s next for PIID is turning it into a ‘professionals’ association’, paying back to the professionals on a nationwide scale by reaching out to them and making it accessible to all. Some of the challenges in the pipeline for us this year include increasing membership drive, fund raising and working with legislative bodies to bring about changes in the Interior Design landscape in Pakistan, a change which our future generations can get advantage out of it.”


With the passion for the trade prevalent on such high frequencies, the Interior Design community of Pakistan remains hopeful that, through the struggle of this association, their profession’s equity value will soon skyrocket.