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Reckless riding of bikers risking their own and others’ lives 

21 Julie 2011 05:14:13

Reckless riding of bikers risking their own and others’ lives

The rise of traffic in the twin-cities at an alarming rate and the smooth running of the traffic that is worsening day by day but no efforts to control the surge in vehicles have been ever witnessed. The situation has been made the worst by the bikers who ride recklessly deteriorating and making fun and mess out of the traffic rules while no one cares for checking them.


Hundreds of mishaps have been reported for quite a long time and young boys have been becoming a victim of this adventurism as they feel the thrill in their blood to ride at breakneck speed.


While talking to INFN, Muhammad Shahid, 38, a taxi driver said, “I have seen young boys colliding their bikes with fast moving vehicles with my own eyes and sometimes the bikes are out of control and are seen somersaulting on the road.”


“It is the responsibility of not only their parents to check and keep a close watch on their children’s activities which could lead to the loss of the life but also of the traffic police, civil society and road user to discourage this practice,” he added


This act of one-wheeling and reckless driving is detrimental for disrupting the smooth flow of traffic and a risk for the life of other road users besides the adventurous souls themselves and needs to be addressed seriously.