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Hina Rabbani Khar appointed Foreign Minister 

20 Julie 2011 10:53:46 nm

Hina Rabbani Khar appointed Foreign Minister


Hina Rabbani Khar has taken oath as the first woman foreign minister of Pakistan at president house on Tuesday. Acting President Farooq H Naik took oath to Hina Rabbani at president house.


Ministers, members of the Parliament and diplomats were present during the ceremony.


President has accepted the Prime Minister’s approval which was sent earlier. Now Hina Rabbani as a foreign minister will attend the peace talks between Pakistan and India which are scheduled on 26 July at New Delhi.


She said, “The Indo - Pakistan dialogue should be uninterrupted and help in building trust between the two countries,” Khar was quoted as foreign office issued a statement.


The position of foreign minister had been lying vacant after Shah Mahmood Qureshi resigned on the matter of Raymond Davis.