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‘There is some method in this madness’ 

20 Julie 2011 11:52:46

‘There is some method in this madness’


Is U.S really conspiring to destroy our generations?

Believe it or not but the multiplying rate at which the patients of brain tumor are being admitted to different hospitals in Peshawar has made many to seriously consider the link of this lethal ailment to the drone attacks that have been on the rise in the past few years.


Among the dozens of such patients (including infants, teenagers, adults and women) admitted recently in the neurology ward of the Lady Reading Hospital Peshawar is a woman aged 45, named Jang Nama. The lady who was deprived of her eyes in a blast years back is the mother of five minor children. Belonging to Orakzai Agency, she has been recently admitted in the Neurology ward of the Peshawar based hospital where she has been diagnosed to have developed a brain tumor. Her chances of survival are very rare according to the doctors.


However, what is more alarming is not who will take care of her young children but who will take care of our generations to come as there is a great possibility that the bombs being dropped in the tribal belt of Pakistan are reportedly feared to have been stimulating the brain tumor among the residents. The sudden rise in the number of brain tumor patients in the drone-affected areas speaks volumes about the authenticity of the claim that there is some dangerous chemical or material being used which emits such radiation that stimulates brain tumor.


Dr. Mumtaz Ali who is a Neurosurgeon at Lady Reading Hospital Peshawar did not rule out a possible link between the brain tumor and drone attacks saying, “Everyday we receive dozens of patients belonging to the tribal areas who complain of severe headache and on scanning we diagnose brain tumor. The possibility of a link cannot be completely ruled out as tumor and radiations go hand in hand. We are investigating the matter and a team of doctors will soon visit the ‘plagued’ areas to conduct a survey to find out whether there is really some ‘method in the madness’ as is being doubted by many.”


The state of affairs is really critical and demands immediate attention of not only the local authorities but also the human rights organizations operating worldwide to safeguard the rights of the vulnerable classes i.e. women and children. World Health Organization (WHO) should immediately send a fact-finding team in the affected areas to investigate the matter.


No religion or law permits use of such horrible tactics to win a war, no matter how great or sacred is its purpose. Victimizing the women and children for no fault of theirs, is a violation of all human rights. No one is very sure that this tumor is developing because of some radiation being emitted from the bombs that are used in the drone attacks, however, the reciprocal increase in the cases of brain tumor with the ascending incidents of drone attacks in recent times, seriously suggests that the evil design to destroy our generations is not a mad man’s cry and needs to be attended immediately before it is too late.