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An Artist’s Journey: 

19 Julie 2011 03:14:44

An Artist’s Journey:

Interesting anecdotes unfold during ‘Shanaakht’ at Nomad


Different young and veteran artists from across Islamabad and Rawalpindi were invited to an event named ‘Shanaakht’ in Nomad Art Gallery here on Monday where the topic was ‘An Artist’s journey’.


Nageen Hayat, Director Nomad Art Gallery said, “We need to create awareness amongst the ordinary masses and also amongst artists regarding their work and their value and status in life. All are equal whether the painter, photographer, writer and sketcher. We all need to realize our potential that we can do anything but only thing we need is effort.”


She added, “We should all quit complaining to others and need to bring change within us and in our perspective while skill, creativity and academic study are also important.”


The participants discussed various issues and topics like the changing environment, movement of idea, tradition, theories of arts and philosophy of life and comparison of west modules arts education to Pakistan.


The artists shared their experiences of life and told interesting tales of how they decided to take up art as a profession and the anecdotes that transformed them as human beings.”