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Free awareness campaign by Islamabad Traffic Police 

20 Junie 2011 07:03:57

Free awareness campaign by Islamabad Traffic Police


The Islamabad Traffic Police has started an awareness campaign for the drivers about the traffic rules and regulation which are the main thing needed for a safe driving.

It is aimed at securing the valuable life of the people and to create in them a sense of responsibility which they mostly lack. While talking to INFN, the traffic police officer said, “We have put a free stall to give people direction how to get a driving licence and how to drive safely”. He added, “We are also telling the people about signals, speed limits and the speed cameras and what to do on seeing continuous and discontinuous lines and tell them about different sign boards.”

Ishtiaq Muhammad, Beat Officer and Sub Inspector told INFN, “We Pakistanis are in lack of two things; the one is patience while the second is the lack of control on our anger”. When we see that there is a car on the road out of order we do not bother to ask what is the matter with your car but we start honking the horn of our vehicle and abuse them as well. He added, “People use mobile phones while driving which is disastrous as driving is a full time job and the two things cannot be done at the same time, one thing should be done either driving or talking on mobile phone”.