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An Odyssey to Exaltation: Centennial Celebration at NAG Commemorates Faiz 

04 Junie 2011 09:32:30

An Odyssey to Exaltation:

Centennial Celebration at NAG Commemorates Faiz

Pakistan National Council of the Art (PNCA) scheduled a Centennial Celebration to commemorate the world famous poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz titled ‘Talk & Presentation’ in collaboration with Sadeqain Foundation.

An Odyssey to Exaltation with great poets Ghalib, Iqbal and artist Sadeqain was presented by Salman Ahmed, member of Sadeqain Foundation.


“Paintings and calligraphy of Sadeqain are replicate and reproduction of the poetry of Faiz. In his paintings and calligraphy Sadeqain has tried to express Faiz’s message to the people through his art,” opined Salman Ahmed while talking to INFN.

Sadeqain’s 12 paintings have been exhibited in the art gallery that were nearest in focus to Faiz’s poetry and drew the attention of all present at National Art Gallery (NAG).

Member of the Sadeqain foundation, Salman Ahmed said on the occasion, “Faiz always conversed about the social justice in his poetry and was conscious about the rights of the people. Similarly, Sadeqain explained this message in his painting and tried to clarify what words cannot sometimes explain.

He further said, “Sadeqain has done gorgeous calligraphy on Shah Faisal mosque and his paintings are also available in Lahore Museum which a great art of Sadeqain and a special gift for the nation.”

A large number of the students, artists, calligraphers and poets participated in the centennial that was held in a decent atmosphere. In the end question answer session was held and Salman Ahmed replied to questions asked by the art lovers.