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FM fails to produce exact figure of tax he pays: 

04 Junie 2011 01:54:41

FM fails to produce exact figure of tax he pays:

Chairman FBR Caught Dozing in Press Briefing

In the ceremony of releasing the Economic Survey of Pakistan 2010-2011, Dr. Abdul Hafeez Sheikh while questioned by a journalist regarding the amount of tax paid by him, gave a diplomatic statement rather giving the exact figure.


He said, “I pay the tax as per rules and regulations and the tax is deducted from my income prior to be received; I also pay tax on the income of my agricultural land that I own.” He further added that he is merely getting 50 to 60 thousand as salary and he pays tax on the same.


The Chairman Federal Board of Revenue (FBR), Salman Siddique who kept dozing during the press briefing of the Finance Minister when asked by a journalist that how would FBR will achieve the target of Rs 1588 billion with Rs 272 billion still to be recovered in just one month, assured that the same would be collected as one month is enough.