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Seven colours Petunia magnetizes visitors at Lake View Park 

26 April 2011 08:02:44

Seven colours Petunia magnetizes visitors at Lake View Park


By Farhad Hussain


This spring doubled the attraction of Lak View Park, one of the most visited sites in the capital, with lots of colours, fragrances, blossom and happiness forcing families to rush to enjoy the beauty of nature.


“Lake View Park is such a place where colourful flowers instantly catch the visitors’ attention. Petunia in the spring season enhances the beauty of the park and its visitors, giving them an exclusive feel,” Riasat Ali, an amateur horticulturist.


Petunia is not only a beautiful flower, which gives off the most exclusive scent but also is a joy to look at. Gardeners have to choose fertile soil having sufficient sunrays for this flower plant that also needs enough water. The soil has to contain right nutrients as well, he added.


An official of the Department of Environment of the Capital Development Authority said they have planted Petunia in seven colours at the entrance of the Lake View Park and on the walking track as well.


“These are red, purple, yellow and others. We have brought red soil from Kuri Sheher, which suits Petunia and keeps it in proper condition. The nutrients not only keep the flowers healthy but also allow them to develop and maintain their colour as well. They need to be watered twice a day,” he added.


“Ideal period for Petunia plantation is from October to May. It is a different flower of the season and we have three supervisors, four sweepers and 79 gardeners to plant, water and look after Petunia. A close supervision is required as many visitors break them up and show carelessness while walking,” he said.