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‘Civic sense is rare sense’- we need it more 

25 Januarie 2011 12:55:37

‘Civic sense is rare sense’- we need it more


By: Yasir Ilyas

Let us think as responsible citizens to protect public utility places and develop civic sense to behave as civilized individuals as civic bodies alone cannot ensure continuation of services we do not care of. We should use and not misuse the public services.


INFN during a survey of public service and utilities found that some people probably lacking civic sense spoil passengers’ booths built at various bus stops, feel pride instead of shame in violating traffic rules and signals and breaking street lights and facilities at public parks.


Though the civic bodies have provided garbage containers but people through garbage outside the containers. Improper disposal of plastic bags into drains causes chocking of drainages and cause damage to environment. Lists of our civic non-sense does not end here.


When pointed out by INFN survey team, a citizen, Shahid Mehmood, who was throwing garbage near container from a distance felt embarrassed. “I apologize and promise not to repeat the act and will tell others not to do so,” he regretted.


All are not like Shahid as they rather show stubbornness on their deed as well when pointed out any of their non-civic act. “We do not have any other option but to throw garbage outside the container when city district government does not timely clean the fully loaded container,” said Bashir Awan, a resident of Union Council 21.


Shabbir Mehngral, who runs a shop right in front of such a container placed in Pindora locality, said stink and pollution cause trouble to him and his customers. “Heap of garbage literally bloc way to my shop and many of customer avoid to shop causing business loss to me,” he added. He complained people do not listen to his requests for not throwing garbage.


Murtaza Ahmed, a citizen, blamed rag pickers for scattering garbage on the sides of container. “We throw the garbage inside container but the rag-pickers take it out and scatter it to find recyclable items.” Murtaza said.


INFN tried to contact Dr. Mazhar Azeem of City District Government (CDGR) Rawalpindi, who is responsible for the solid waste management department of the body, but could not find his version. But citizens also share responsibility of keeping city clean to ensure healthy environment for them and their families.