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Love of culture means more than lust of money 

01 November 2010 11:48:51 nm

Love of culture means more than lust of money

By: Fahad Bin Ameer

ISLAMABAD, November 1, 2010: In the today’s mechanical life, when every one remains busy and has no time to think about promoting one’s own culture and tradition, Munir Ahmad, a flasi Maker (a traditional hand-weaved shawl) from Cholistan, voluntarily pursuing the profession of his ancestors for the purpose of promoting the Cholistan Culture besides knowing the fact, his line of work does not reward him enough to live a good life.

“I am doing this work to keep intact the old profession, which my forefathers adopted for their own choice” said Munir Ahmad. He told INFN that he has been doing the same work for over forty years.

He told, “The falsi is unique as it is a hand-made item and its quality is better than the machine-made shawl”

Munir Ahmad weaves falsi on ‘Khadi’ (a frame for weaving cloths). It takes him three to four days to weave a falsi.  He claims to weave the finest and best shawl and challenges other to compare its quality with the market shawls.

He said, “I use the wool of goat and hair of camels in making the falsi which is long lasting and warm” He gives the guarantee of his falsi.

His family comprises six members, he said, “I have two sons and two daughters, all getting education”. He said he wanted to see his children educated and well-known in the society.

Rohi, the other name of Cholistan is known for its culture and desert. Munir Ahmad hails from the remote area of Rohi and living a hand to mouth life, He said his work could flourish more if government gave him some financial support.

His work was praised well by the visitors at Lok Virsa where he displayed his work falsi and people were buying the Cholistani shawls. He said People like his falsi and they are buying it on a large scale.

Nations are known for their prestigious culture and  those nations who don’t take steps to preserve their ending culture, they are also faded away with  dying culture,  Munir’s work needs government support, ministry for culture should help him as he is trying his level best to keep intact this dying art.