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Commonwealth Games 

02 Oktober 2010 07:55:16

Commonwealth Games

People expect good fight from Pakistani athletes

Yasir Ilyas

ISLAMABAD, October 1, 2010: As Pakistan’s 54-member contingent has reached India to participate in the Commonwealth Games, the residents of Rawalpindi and Islamabad expressed mixed reaction over their performance.

Talking to INFN, Usama Hanif, a student, said: “Well, expecting too much from Pakistani athletes on a platform, where professionally-trained athletes from 72 nations of the world will compete, is not fair at all. All we need is a good fight by these athletes. It will be more than enough for me if our athletes just do that.”

Sara Mansoor, who is a tennis star herself, has some expectations from Aisamul Haq and Aqeel Khan, who will represent Pakistan in the Commonwealth Games in men’s tennis doubles event. “Aisam has just returned after playing two grand slam finals, so his game will be really a thing to watch. I hope he will reach the victory stand, as he has a good chemistry with Aqeel Khan,” she hoped.

Attia Zulfiqar, a university lecturer, said: “Pakistan is passing through its worst-ever situation in sports. In the prevailing circumstances, a win can pull Pakistan sports back to the track. We have been deceived a lot by cricketers over years, so I think it is time now to invest in other games as well.”

Waqas Abbasi, who plays cricket himself in a club of Islamabad, said: “If any athlete wins a medal for Pakistan, It will definitely give a boost to sports in the country.”

Muhammad Kashif said that the statement of the foreign coach about the prospects of the Pakistan hockey team in the Commonweath Games is quite disheartening.