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Art for the sake of Humanity 

14 Augustus 2010 01:07:27

Art for the sake of Humanity

Young artists dedicate work to flood affectees

By: Yasir Ilyas 

An exhibition of art produced by students for fund raising for flood affectees, was held at Hunerkada College of Visual and Performing Arts, here on Friday.

About 30 young artists from different schools and colleges of Islamabad displayed their work at the exhibition. These students, who have attended a six-week summer workshop at Hunerkada College, beautifully painted different colors of life on their canvass. More than 200 pieces of art were displayed for auction.

Young artists aim to donate their whole income, generated through the sale of their paintings, to a charity to help the victims of recent floods. They were excited that their first ever exhibition is for a noble purpose.

Shua was a young artist, whose work was also displayed in the exhibition. Talking to INFN, she said, “It is my first exhibition and I am quite excited about it. I have done my work in oil medium. My particular area is woman and her face. I am very much pleased with the fact that the income, generated through this exhibition, would go to a charity.” She added.

Sabeel done calligraphy of Quranic Verses. He was also very excited about his first exhibition and the noble purpose of the exhibition.

Jamal Shah appreciated the work of young artists and praised their passion for the donation. He stressed them to continue their good work with same zeal and passion. Later on he distributed certificates among the participants.