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Pakistani youth gets Information Security Practitioner Award 

11 Augustus 2010 03:37:13

Achievement story

Pakistani youth gets Information Security Practitioner Award

By: Yasir Ilyas

Information Security Charge-2 held in Singapore awarded global Information Security Practitioner award to a Pakistani youth Atif Nazar Ali for his contribution in the field of information security.

“Achieving some thing for your nation, particularly in a sector where Pakistan is lagging behind the advanced world, and getting your work acknowledged at international level gives you a fantastic feeling.” Atif Nazar Ali told INFN.

Talking about the criteria of his selection, Mr. Atif said that Pakistan is a member of (ISC)2 (ISC squared) and all member countries send their nominations in three different categories. Ministry of Information Technology of Pakistan listed his name for the nomination for his work with NTISB on various assignments as a team member in Layer Two Security Audit Committee. His nomination was made for the Asia-Pacific Information Security Leadership Achievements (ISLA) Program.

Mr. Atif said he gave an idea of holding next Secure Asia Conference in Pakistan.  “Members of Advisory Board of (ISC)2 and Award holders sit together to decide the venue for next conference. This time there was an idea to hold conference in either India or Australia, there I stood up and asked for holding conference in Pakistan, which would benefit Pakistan a lot. Chinese member supported me, and Advisory Board of (ISC)2 said they would proceed on the suggestion.”

Replying to a question, Mr. Atif said he is hopeful that negotiations between Ministry of Information Technology and Advisory Board of (ISC)2 would be result oriented and Pakistan would be the next host for Secure Asia Conference.