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Comments on back screens of cars 

07 Augustus 2010 02:24:02

Comments on back screens of cars

Yasir Ilyas

Formerly this ‘Art’ was confined to public transport vehicles, but now people owning their own vehicles do prefer to decorate their cars and bikes with quotations and statements, interesting and thought provoking, specially on the back and usually tinted screens of their cars and fuel tanks of their motor bakes. This trend is getting very popular amongst youth.

About half a decade ago, youngsters were merely interested in only having attractive and colored number plates having their names in prominent letters or their cast written on these number plates, but know having interesting statements , nick names and cast written on back screens of cars and fuel tanks of motor bike is very much in fashion.

These quotations not only catch the attention of others but reflect the mind set of the guys driving these vehicles.

Some interesting statements observed on the back of some cars running on the roads of twin cities are as following “I don’t drive fast, I just fly low”. This is written on the back of several cars in twin cities, owned by youngsters, mostly studying in universities.

Mudassar Aziz is such a student of PMAS UAAR (commonly known as Arid Agriculture University) has written this statement on the back of his car. He said, “This statement shows my attitude. It truly reflects me”.

Other commonly statements written on back screen of vehicles are “mom says, no girls” “I think, therefore I am single” “no girls no tension” “sorry girls, I only date models” “evil keeps me young”

Look deeply into the statements. These statements reflect a particular frame of mind. You will find that drivers of such vehicles, having such texts on their back are usually from an age group ranging from 18 to 28 years old and their soul purpose is to address and impress the girls traveling on roads.

A boy was when asked that why he has written such a text on his back screen replied in an interesting way, said “well I think young girls love to read such statements and they guess our personality with the text written on the back of our cars”

Dr. Naeem is a physiatrist in Benazir Bhutto Shaheed Hospital. He said “Youth have different psychology as compared to mature people; some comments written on the back of vehicles show the frustration while some show the ‘Histerionic’ features of the personality. Most youth want to say the unsaid in some way or the other. He further said that such boys are having a complex as far as their personalities are concerned, they do such activities to gain attention, and they think they are not getting the attention they deserve.

Other than cars and other four wheel vehicles, strange sort of texts are also written on the fuel tanks of motor bikes as well. “Game of death” death race” “devdas” etc etc are some funny comments written on the bikes of youngsters.

Beside these written texts several diagrams and stickers of certain characters are also drawn on cars and bikes, for instance fido (a character of a popular soft drink ad campaign), a hood with two gloved hands, spider man and its web, bat man, iron man etc.

Previously such sort of texts and diagrams were associated to Lorries and trucks in a desi touch. Like Horn do, rasta lo (horn to take passage) and other funny things like that. But now you will hardly find a vehicle, being driven by a youngster and not having text on back tinted screen.

This trend has increased the business of ‘Motor decorators’. Several worker indulged in the business of motor decoration remain busy throughout the day in preparing such texts for ‘customers’ in different writing styles, size, colors and formats in National market, saddar, chah sultan and bhabrha bazar Rawalpindi. They charge on the basis of desired text format, style, color and the length of the text, measured in feet.

Saleem Ahmed is a decorator working in National market in satellite town area, said “I am doing this job (writing on back of cars and fuel tanks of bikes for last four years, and I write on the back of 3 to 5 cars, daily. I write desired text of customer on a particular sheet and cut it in asked format and paste on cars”

This trend has turned into profession now. Despite its all odds, it is in and well in demand. The only objection is the usage of substandard text, showing sickness of minds, which should be healthy.