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Now you can celebrate eid during summer vacations 

05 Augustus 2010 02:10:59

Now you can celebrate eid during summer vacations

By Abdul Rauf

Leisure continues for the students for few more days as all the schools the colleges working under the Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) are likely to remain closed till 13th of September. A high rank official in FDE confirmed on the condition of anonymity that the decision has been taken. However this extension of summer vacations has not yet been officially announced by FDE.

“It is a very wise decision; coming back from their native towns and cities for just few days and then going back again to celebrate Eid, would have been a financial burden and unnecessary fatigue for the teachers and students,” said Muhammad Irshad, a retired Associate Professor.

Those who do not go outstation are also happy with the decision. Abdul Rafey, a student at a local school told INFN that he is very happy with the decision because he can continue with the fun that he is having these days. “I like going to school but I hate getting up early. These few more days are blessing before the tough routine restarts again,” he said.

Another student, Aysha Anwar, expressed her happiness by saying, “During Ramzan college hours are reduced and there is not much study. We can manage that much at home for at least few more days. Going to college is a tiresome job especially when we are fasting. Now I would use that saved up energy to help my mother in kitchen”.

However some parents are not very happy about the extension of vacations. Especially mothers, who have to manage kids all day long, are worried about the disturbed routine of their kids.

Uzma Rauf, a housewife and mother of three, said, “I was waiting for the schools to reopen on schedule as kids follow no proper timetable and I have to spend whole day running after them. Going to school streamlines the course of things for the whole day. But now I have to bear the 20 extra days of clumsy schedule.”

Teachers and students always welcome such news but some teachers call it a saddening thing. These teachers are working on daily-waged basis and they would not get any salary for these few more days. Saima Anwar, teaching in IMCG on daily-waged basis expressed her worry as she said, “We don’t get any salary for summer vacations. I have been waiting desperately for the colleges to reopen in order to get a chance to earn something once again. I don’t know how I am going to survive for these extended days of financial crises.”

Apart from appreciation and apprehension this decision is the best possible option in the following situation. As most of the families visit their native towns and cities during vacations, there is a chance that people might have struck in their areas due to broken roads and other destruction resulted by the floods. It would give them few more days to manage things. Moreover it would give students and parents a chance to observe Ramzan with complete attention and dedication.