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Public rejects Ramadan Relief Package announced by USC  

05 Augustus 2010 02:02:55

Public rejects Ramadan Relief Package announced by USC 

BY: Wasim Abbas Toor

People rejected the ‘Ramadan relief package’ announced by Utility Stores Corporation (USC) as they think it is just a gimmickry of words and figures and is not beneficial for public actually.

People from different walks of life said this relief package is not what they have expected from the government.

Mushtaq Ahmed, 55, said he is a daily worker and has to go on job whereas it takes much time to buy anything from utility store because one has to stand in a long queue for his turn.

“If government wants to do something really for the benefit of public, it should take measures to control the overall inflation rate rather to announce these kinds of particular packages” said Daniyal Hanif, a resident of Rawalpindi.

Hafiz Iqbal, resident of Shamsabad Rawalpindi said this package is good for only those people who have some sort of political influence. Whenever such packages are announced, only relatives of influential people are benefited and common people could get nothing else to stand in a long queue, which is a more difficult practice especially when some one is observing fast.

 “It is very embarrassing for women to stand in queue for several hours just to get few percent discounts on any daily use item,“ said Shakeela bibi a resident of Banni chowk.

However, some people consider this relief package as a good measure for financially lower class and they think that poor people would heave a sigh of relief in Ramadan.

Muhmmad Rafique a resident of Islamabad said that government should announce such more packages for the well being of people not only in Ramadan but also for the whole year.  He further said such good efforts of government should be appreciated which are beneficial for public.

“This relief package should be implemented not only on utility stores but also in others markets,” he concluded.