Founding Editor: Shafqat Munir   

UYC kicks off in Karachi! 

04 Augustus 2010 01:16:59

UYC kicks off in Karachi!

Third United Youth conference was started in the Karachi on Monday after two successful conferences in Lahore and Islamabad.

The theme of the conference was to unite the youth and spread amongst them handling decision making, enterprenurship and attaining goals in the life.

United Youth Conference an initiative of B2 Innovations (Pvt.) Ltd and Catalysts has been designed to inculcate positivity and develop skills in the youth to become successful in their personal lives as well as to achieve synergy. The conference was attended by participants of different schools and colleges.

The first day was basically about the realizations of goals and making a decision. The will to decide to do something in life, the dichotomy between the wish to achieve something and on the contrary the realization of deciding to do it in life. The conference started with Talha Mujahid explaining one of bulleh shah’s kalam, encouraging the youth towards unity, peace and taking initiatives.

Next, Waleed Anwar one of the two trainers from ‘ the catalysts’ training development took over and explained to the participants to take initiative, not hold back and overcome the fear to succeed. Filled with activities the participants showed much zest, making them realize how to put wishes into actions. Till the end of his session the participants were filled with much energy and enthusiasm determined to kill the beast ‘bobo’ theme was to spread  concepts of creativity, entrepreneurship, handling decision making and attainment of goals in life.

Taking over from him was the other trainer from ‘The Catalysts’ Adeel Ahmed, who motivated the youth towards understanding their dream and taking the path to follow it. The participant’s energy level was very high at the end of the session and they were very eager for the next day’s session. The idea was coined by Bazigh Kiani & the conference executed by Bilal Alvi; both from B2 Innovations (Pvt.) Ltd.