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National Human Rights Commission soon through Act of Parliament: Gilani 

01 Augustus 2010 12:33:36 nm

National Human Rights Commission soon through Act of Parliament: Gilani

Though there is an independent Human Rights Commission of Pakistan led by senior lawyers and civil society activists, but now the government is contemplating on a national commission on human rights through an act of parliament.

“National Commission of Human Rights will be an independent body to monitor and address the violations of human Rights,” said Mr. Mumtaz Alam Gilani, Federal Minister for human Rights while addressing the opening session of a two days training workshop for the Attorneys of Human Rights organized by society for Human Rights and Prisoners Aid (SHARP) in collaboration of UNHCR at a local hotel.

He appreciated the initiative of training of lawyers and said that the lawyers are the most effective force who has always played a pivotal role in the national history. He said that the government is committed to deliver for upholding the human rights and the Ministry of Human Rights is actively performing services in this regard.

He emphasized that the lawyers should progressively come forward for the elimination of human rights abuses. He said the government has recently signed international convention on civil and political rights and convention against the torture. Government will welcome the civil society and defenders of human rights to support and guide the government in bringing human rights regime in this country.

He stressed for the continuity of such kind of training activities for other segments of society for better understanding which would be a step forward for becoming a civilized society.

Earlier Syed Liaqat Banori Chairman SHARP in his welcome address said that the lawyers supposed to be well equipped with national and international instruments of human rights for effective protection of the victims of Human Rights. He lamented that the government has signed and ratified the conventions and incorporated the right to information in the constitution through 18th amendment but all this has been done to satisfy the international community and number scoring. No concrete steps have been taken to educate the masses about the importance of these conventions, their needs and impacts on our society and identification of redressed forums. He said the government has no political will to equip the general public with their fundamental rights.

Mr Qaiser Siddiqui Director Operations SHARP in his speech said that Pakistan has been targeted for human rights abuses and no serious action has ever been taken at the governmental level for protection of Human Rights to avoid this condemnation. He said that institutions are not strengthened therefore the situation of human rights is exploited by the individuals.

He said that Pakistan has tremendous potential to grow and recognized as a civilized country but the country has not developed that system which is required to make a nation as a nation in the world community. He expressed his hope that as lawyers have demonstrated united for the restoration of judiciary again the lawyers and judiciary has to struggle for a country where the right would be respected protected and fulfilled.

He emphasized on the tolerance in the society and said that intolerant society can never progress and never flourish. No one can expect a progressive and civilized society where there is intolerance and where the rights of other are not respected stated Mr. Siidiqui.