Founding Editor: Shafqat Munir   

Inflation compels school-going to work 

30 September 2011 07:09:49

Inflation compels school-going to work


Running the stoves of homes has become so difficult that it has not only made men to work harder than ever before but has even made minors to become helping hands.


Those little hands that should be holding pencils are wandering on the streets and roads collecting recyclable items while carrying huge bags hanging on their tender shoulders.


Two young boys found on the road right opposite to Jinnah Super Market. Both have migrated from Afghanistan. One of them named Habib-ul-Ullah, 10 and the other his cousin named Saeed Mohammad, is 14. Habib-ul-Ullah’s dad passed away a year ago. He lives with his mother and two brothers. One of them is younger to him. Both of them do the same work as their mother has nothing to do. She just runs the house.


Saeed Mohammad is the only son of his parents residing presently at Golra Sharif. He and his father are also in the same job. There is a car that drops all those disposal workers at 10:00 am in Rana Market and drops them at their place at nearly 5:00 pm. They fill their bags on daily basis, earning Rs200-300 each day. Both the families have been working since one year. Habib hands over all the money to his mother. She manages to fulfil their basic necessities of life. They move from house to house and to the garbage bins collecting those recyclable materials, no matter how hot the climate is.


Spiralling price-hike has forced these innocent little children to work as well who deserve being at school for learning and transforming themselves into better human beings. Today due to the inflation they cannot get education and have to work all day long still hardly managing to somehow satisfy their appetite but tomorrow their next generation will have to suffer due to their illiteracy. These innocent children stress the government to provide them proper places to live, employment for their elders and special schools for their helpless children.