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HRCP slams govt as abducted HRD’s body found near Ormara 

29 April 2011 08:59:45

HRCP slams govt as abducted HRD’s body found near Ormara

The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) has expressed deep shock and outrage over the barbaric murder of abducted Human Rights Defender (HRD) and HRCP Core Group Coordinator for Pasni, Siddique Eido, whose tortured body was found from Ormara on Thursday. The Commission slammed the government’s failure to ensure Siddique’s safe recovery and urged justice for his murder.

A statement issued by the Commission says: “Since Siddique Eido’s abduction by men in security forces uniforms on December 21 last, HRCP had been demanding that the government ensured his immediate recovery. The uniforms of his abductors and the vehicles they had used gave credence to the belief that state agents were involved. Siddique had been abducted in the presence of several policemen, but despite such clear evidence no action was taken to publicly identify or prosecute his abductors and secure his release. Siddique had worked to highlight incidents of enforced disappearance and other human rights violations in the region and recently his own disappearance had also been challenged in the Supreme Court. HRCP had repeatedly highlighted threats to Siddique’s life in communications to the government and security forces officials and is devastated that not enough was done to save Siddique’s life. HRCP is disappointed beyond words by the degree of official inaction and callousness which amounts to collusion in Siddique’s murder.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time in 2011 that a human rights defender associated with HRCP has been targeted. On March 1, HRCP Core Group Coordinator for Khuzdar, Naeem Sabir, was shot and killed. His killers remain at large. These murders highlight the grave threats that human rights defenders in Balochistan face on account of their work.

HRCP demands that the government make up for its abject condonation of criminality by making sure that Siddique’s murderers are brought to justice in an open and fair trial. Also the state cannot ignore its duty to compensate the families of Siddique Eido, Naeem Sabir and other persons killed after abduction by security personnel.

HRCP has also demanded that the government should stop and prevent harassment and intimidation of human rights defenders in Balochistan. It is important to create conditions where they can carry out their work without fear.

re: HRCP slams govt as abducted HRD’s body found near Ormara

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