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Posts From September, 2010

Resolution in favor of Kashmiries adopted 

Intel makes progress towards PCs donation target 

ITNE issues notices to ‘Daily Express’ management 

Living in private hostels 

Rehman waiting for a miracle! 

International Right to Know Day 

NH&MP contributes to eradicate Polio 

Chinese Firm signs MoU with ZTBL 

Community mobilisation 

Youth ready to fallow Aisam 

Students attends graduation ceremony 

Pictorial health warnings on cigarette packs doing wonders 

Can American conscience stand the rot in American standards of justice? 

Students facing transport problems in twin cities 

Future of students hangs in balance! 

Factors behind traffic mayhem on Saidpur Road 

Over 10 million children affected by floods: Unicef 

SDPI HWTs Working Group holds its second meeting 

Chappar hotels’ buzz with activity again 

‘Mera Pakistan’ exhibition opens in capital 

A little boy who wants to change fate of his family 

Afghan refugee: living a life of uncertainty 

Livelihood at the cost of childhood 

‘Musical Night’ held at PNCA for flood victims 

Achieving MDGs is tough for Pakistan: report 

Empowering women across Asia 

Hyderabad hub responds to growing shelter needs in southern Sindh 

Government’ decision not to provide funds for HEC condemned 

Government urged to tackle corruption in public departments 

Life creeping back to normal in twin cities 

UNDP-Olympus-AFP Global Photo Contest 

Hunger costs poor countries $450 billion a year: ActionAid 

Average value of MNAs' assets increases threefold since 2002; the current National Assembly twice as rich compared to the previous one 

Working in the open to keep the ‘clock of life’ ticking 

English speaking beggars hit Rawalpindi markets 

Evening shift at model academic institutions 

Living a life of contentment 

5.3 million jobs may have been affected by the floods in Pakistan 

AJK PPP campaign for flood victims 

More help needed for Pakistan's flood victims: Angelina Jolie 

Exhibition to help flood victims at Melange 

Ramazan is a source of income for many 

Facing odds to keep the stove burning 

Consultative Meeting for ‘UN Women’ on Sept.8 

Murder attempt on journalist over TV report condemned 

Tailors stop taking new orders 

Forget the heat, wear a helmet! 

The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) given up? 

Cancellation of Pakistan's $55 billion debt to save peopleCitizens urged to sign up petition 

A crippled man who runs faster in life than many of us 

No plans to wind up ERRA: Deputy Chairman  

CDA joins hand with NDMA 

Flood relief: students in the forefront 

No end to sweating as humidity increases